Sand Creek Farm & Dairy is a family farm nestled in the rolling hills near Cameron, TX. We believe in sustainable, grass-fed, pastured, soy-free, and organic practices.

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We milk Jersey and jersey cross cows on a grass based, grain-free, rotational grazing system. Our closed herd of cattle have been tested for BLV (bovine leukemia virus), TB, Brucellosis, BVD (bovine viral diarrhea) for your protection and ours. Our pastures are organically managed for forage quality and mineral content to provide nutrient dense milk. Dairy Items: Cheeses, Yogurt, . All dairy products are non-homogenized, grass fed diet, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, humanely raised. Meat Items: Pastured soy-free Pork;Pastured Beef; Other Items: Pastured, soy-free Eggs. Raw Honey. We also stock himalayan salt, grade B Maple syrup, homemade soaps, organic grains and more. Many families around the State have formed groups to come to the farm to pick up their items. They come weekly, monthly and every other month. Ask us if there is a group near you.

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